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General Features 

    The obligation to obtain data on field as fast as possible for its exploitation led us to realize in collaboration with and at the request of petroleum companies a transportable unit for on-site PVT analysis. 



Working Pressure 1000 bar (PVT Cells and Viscometer)  

Full Weight  <400 kgs (3 units, MDT and RCI Utilities,power supply) 

Full Size  1696 x 1575 x 1020 mm (storage andcarriage) 

    This unit made up of various independent modules (PVT cells, viscometer, gasmeter and GC) 

makes it possible to carry out all physical measurements necessary to the samples validation (taken on MDT, RCI or bottom hole sampler). These fast measurements support the decisions necessary to supervise a good exploitation. 



z PVT (Pressure / Volume /Temperature) data collection with need of accurate and early results 

z Validation of sample quality during wire line formation testing 

z Mercury-free PVT equipment 

z Quick intervention on any field 

z PVT results within 4 hours 

z Delivery of high-quality PVT data on a complete range of hydrocarbon fluids (heavy oil to gas condensate) 

z No sample shipping 

z Enables informed decisions during logging and well testing operations 

z Supply with calibration macros, data acquisition and PVT calculation software 

z QUAD uses techniques based on PVT laboratory procedures 

z Special modular and rugged construction for transportation 

z Optic fiber sensor included for saturation pressure of gas condensate 

z Accurate testing for oil-base mud contamination in samples collected with wire line formation test tools 

z Small sample volume required for full PVT studies: less than 20 cm3 


Example of synoptic 

PVT油藏流体分析设备 >> QUAD Generalities


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