Flash Equilibrium Separator-GOR Apparatus


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    Our Flash Equilibrium Separator is dedicated to the study of gas expansion of oil samples under pressure with the aim to optimize the separation of the oil/gas phase and the gas/oil ratio. 



Working pressure 100 bar 

Working Temperature Ambient to 80°C 

Flash Equilibrium Cell Volume 80 ml 


Cell Stainless Steel 

Sampling visualization Glass window 

    Flash Equilibrium Separator has been designed to perform routine GOR measurements at different pressure and temperature stages: 

• Separator stage from 1500psi to 15 psi and temperature ambient to 80°C 

• Separator stage from 100 psi to 0 psi and temperature ambient 

• Separator stage at ambient conditions, atmospheric pressure and room temperature 


    Thanks to its linear transducer and its CCD camera, the liquid/gas interface & measured volume offer a real user-friendly and accurate system. 


    All the system comes assembled on a frame made of aluminum. Equipped with 4 wheels, it makes the system easily movable by operator. Our system is composed of 

• 1 flash equilibrium cell 80 cc 100 bar 

• 2 back pressure regulators 

• 1 cooling/heating system (thermostatic bath) 

• 1 pressure sensor 100 bar 

• 1 flash separator valve 

• 1 volume measurement system 

• 1 graduated test tube 

• PC and Falcon® software 

• 1 set of tubing, fittings and hand valves 

• Manual 4 litre gasmeter GAS4000 (option) 

• Cooling separation and liquid trap cell for full autonomous system 




Example of synoptic 

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